Magical Brittany Tour October 9 -17, 2019
The Magical Tour of Brittany is a tour of initiation into the energies of sacred sites and how they operate on an energetic and healing level. It will open you into a new perception of reality. Afterward, you will see reality with new eyes and new skills. But the true goal and spirit of the tour is knowledge, spirituality, and fun.
The Gauls, the Celts of France loved these three ideals. They loved knowledge, spirituality and of course enjoyed good food, wine, and more. And it is for that reason we will enjoy fabulous French cuisine on the tour.
 Healing energies of sacred sites were known by the druids, shamans, and priests and can be accessed and used today. On this tour, you will discover secret places of healing, like stone seats carved by the megalithic people, fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses. Learn about Chakra Paths in cathedrals and churches and how they can balance and align your chakras. Explore the healing energies of menhirs and why Druids considered old oak groves to be their sacred sanctuaries.
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