triple enclosure publishingWelcome to triple enclosure publishing!

Discover the secrets of sacred geometry and the connection to the yearly rhythms of the sun which form the basement of all geometry used to build sacred sites all around the world.  

We explore the five elements and how to not only calculate their measurements but how to build with them and use them to harmonize spaces.

This skill of how to work with the elements was a closely guarded secret of the master builders and for the first time is available for everyone to use and work with. We provide practical tools to bring life-enhancing energy into your lives as you explore how to draw the solar mandala of any place around the world.

To learn all of this and more, pre-order your copy of the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life today! We ship via USPS Media Mail around the world.

At our main site, Boulder Centre for Master Builders, we share a wealth of information for you to learn more about solar and sacred geometry and how it was used in sacred sites through our blogs, classes, energetic sacred site tours, and more. We don’t just explore how our ancestors built sacred places, we teach you how to build them! From menhirs and stone circles to labyrinths and chakra paths we are creating sacred places.  

Don’t forget to check out our social media for lots of good information as well!

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