About the Authors

Dominique Susani

Dominique Susani European Master Builder, sacred geometry and geomancy expert is a true renaissance man, full of fascinating knowledge. His sacred geometry wisdom is deep and includes hidden knowledge of building energetic structures that are healing for all life. As a European Master Builder, he teaches courses around the world, including his popular Sacred Geometry Certification Courses. He is a co-author of Earth Alchemy.

Karen Crowley-Susani

Karen Crowley-Susani is a Master Builder and sacred geometry expert who loves sharing her wisdom of sacred geometry and earth energies through books, articles, and blogs. She is a contributing author in Planet Whispers and is a regular columnist for Star Nations Magazine as the earth energy expert. As a former Air Force pilot, her career trajectory changed after becoming a mother wanting her children to grow up in a healthy environment, free of toxic earth energies.

Anne Zonne Parker

Anne Z. Parker Ph.D., author, teacher, and Master Builder is a Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University. She is the author of Stories from the Origin and Multi Ethic Interface in Eastern Nepal, co-author of Earth Alchemy, and the forthcoming monograph An Exploration of Sacred Geometry of Stupas in Bhutan. She studies sacred sites internationally and consults on building alignment and site design.

Author Q and A

  1.  What is the difference between sacred geometry and solar geometry?
    Solar geometry is the foundation of sacred geometry. We can say that without solar geometry there is no sacred geometry.
  2. I’m afraid of math, is this book something I can learn from?
    This is not a math book, although it is true that a few key math calculations are presented in a way that is easy to follow and apply.  Most important is that the proportions used can be felt in your body. The calculation is useful, while the feeling is essential.
  3.  Can I use sacred geometry in my daily life?
    Yes, absolutely.
  4. Why are the measurements of the elements important?
    They are important because they are actually frequencies and the measurement is a way to express the elements in our material life.
  5. What is a solsticial quadrilateral?
    A solsticial quadrilateral is basically a rectangle that shows the rhythm of the sun at a specific latitude.
  6. How can I use one?
    You can use it by drawing it and manifesting it on the earth with sticks, stones, people, statues, etc. You can use it for balancing the energy of your home or your office. We provide many examples in the book about how to use the solsticial quadrilateral.
  7. Why is this subject important to you (the authors) personally?
    The subject is important for us because geometry was used by our ancestors to create places of well-being, where people could regenerate and heal. This is not what happens at all in modern homes. Most of them cause stress and illnesses for people and using the secrets inside this book, you can bring harmonious energy into your home and life.
  8. What are the key takeaways you hope the readers find in the Secrets of Sacred Geometry?
    The most important thing for us is for the readers to rediscover the power of the natural rhythm of the sun and the life-enhancing qualities found in working with it. We want to enable people to work with the natural mandala of place and the measurements of the elements to improve their well-being and reconnect their lives with the rhythms of the sun, the earth, and all life around us.